It really isn’t a joke.

In less than an hour of reading the news this morning I came across the following:

- a company is getting the good’ol pat on the back for “investigating” themselves and finding (wait for the shocking bit) no wrong doing after a very capable and qualified programmer was forced to leave their ranks due to hard-core and blatantly obvious gender-based discrimination.

- a singer/rapper has had to hire additional security and change her performance style because “fans think its funny to try to finger her” while she crowd-surfs.

- all other major headlines in the news today about women contain one or more of the following: “bootylicious outfit,” “most beautiful in the world,” “[insert name] shows off nude pedicure,” “[insert name] hair has grown so much, see more,” “sexy, all-star cast [of some movie].

Women are absolutely ignored - unless they are willing to get naked and even if they do not make that choice, there are enough disgusting pieces of shit out there to make those terrible photoshopped photos of female stars’ heads on top of other naked female bodies. We think this is fine because ‘that’s just part of being famous.’ But if f you googled your daughters/sisters/mothers/friends name and in the list of results were fake/photoshopped images of her with cum all over her face, you’d probably feel differently.

And the fact that you don’t care because it’s not YOUR daughter is the essence of our problem.


The proof is in front of you. Use the internet for five minutes.

If a woman is smart, she is then “too smart.”

If a woman is beautiful, men can then target her and make gross statements about her, turn her into porn without her permission, take advantage of her, verbally abuse her on the internet, pressure her into losing weight, changing her appearance, performing in ways they find more “interesting.”

If a woman decides to have a relationship, get married, not get married, have children, not have children, get a cat, buy a car, have a glass of wine, buy birth control, have an opinion….somehow these things are all the business of men.

If a woman is driven, she is obviously a neglectful mother.

If a woman enters the political arena, aspects of her life that become ‘public interest’ are unique. The issues are NEVER the same for their male counterparts.

If a woman is content to stay at home and do the amazing job of raising a family, she is a “gold-digger” or a “kept woman.”

If a woman doesn’t want you to know anything about her, doesn’t share anything about her life with you, she is obviously an “angry lesbian.”

If a woman IS a lesbian, men still find a way to judge. Perhaps her partner doesn’t fit the hetero-porn definition of “lesbian” and therefore they are just ‘ugly dykes in need of a good-dickin’.”

This list could go on for days. 

The truth is things are NOT getting better. Women stopped fighting for what is right and necessary. We have taken a backseat to our own well being and allowed our rights to be stripped away. We are all victims everyday - it is so bad that we don’t even pay attention anymore. We have just adjusted our expectations. 

We barely have the right to choose whether we want to be mothers.

We barely have the right to say “I was raped” - maybe we didn’t say no enough, maybe we knew the person who raped us too well, maybe we were married to that person, maybe we had said yes on other occasions, maybe our no and their no aren’t the same, maybe…

We don’t have the same access to education, professional opportunities, financing, support as our male counterparts.

We don’t have equal representation in any aspect of our lives. Not in our communities, the companies we choose to do business with, the local/state/federal government, or any agency that we are forced to have a relationship with. 

It’s not okay. It’s not funny. Enough is enough already. 

TL;DR: some really shitty people are ruining it for everyone.



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