Studio 360 still wants your collective nouns. The show has ten modern types of people for you to collectivize — from DJs to indie filmmakers. Here are a few of the favorites thus far:

  • A Duchamp of conceptual artists – Carole Cropley from Olympia, Washington
  • quibble of critics – Barbara Belknap from Minnetonka, Minnesota
  • racket of DJs – David Kyler from Saint Simons Island, Georgia
  • monocle of hipsters – Jonathan Kulik from Santa Monica, California
  • An illusion of indie filmmakers – Barbara
  • khaki of IT guys – Jonathan
  • pretense of operagoers – David
  • vengeance of Trekkies – Barbara
  • vision of venture capitalists – Carole
  • contortion of yoga instructors – Jonathan

Submit yours here:

Some of these are great!

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don’t even talk to me unless you drive this car

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